Guide for buying lingerie for honeymoon

by Tease Lingerie on December 31, 2019


The last four weeks before the wedding is usually with a heavy schedule. However, amidst all the wedding shopping, one thing that you cannot overlook is honeymoon shopping. You not only need the right set of clothes but also the best intimates. Your honeymoon is going to be all about the intimacy between you and your partner. Thus, your lingerie plays a vital role in this. To help you with the same, we have come up with a full proof guide to shop for lingerie for your honeymoon. Please know that you do have a plethora of options amongst bras and panties to choose from. However, you need to pick something that flaunts your assets and works well to spice up the things between you and your partner.


Buying Tips - Lingerie for Honeymoon

Lingerie for women is a quintessential commodity. You simply cannot ignore it. It should be perfect to accentuate your best features. So, here are some tips that you ought to follow:


Get yourself measured

Firstly, before you shop for lingerie, you must get yourself measured accurately. A lot of women tend to lose weight before the wedding. So, that would have a direct impact on your measurements. Hence, you must get a fresh measurement of your size, and then do your lingerie shopping. Your lingerie shouldn’t ever look like a misfit.


Pick the right one

There are a plethora of styles available in lingerie. However, certain styles are meant only for certain body types. So, women who have a big bosom should either go with a minimizing bra or a non-padded bra. It will not only give them an appealing silhouette but will essentially reduce their bust size. Also, women with big busts should avoid halter necks or strapless bras. However, they can opt for a padded blouse, if their wedding dress is backless or has a deep-cut. On the other hand, women with lower bust size, don’t have much of a hassle. So, they can shop for padded lingerie or pick a wired push-up bra. Such bras not only add a good volume but also make the bosom look fuller. However, never pick something rough on the skin. Your lingerie should be comfortable and wearable even for long hours. For you, the backless and strapless bra would also work fine. 


Shop for the right fabric

For your honeymoon, you must pick fabrics that are soft, breathable, fashionable, and exceptionally comfortable. You can buy lingerie in satin or silk fabric. However, do not shop for anything that you’ll never wear after your honeymoon.


Carry your regulars

Yes, we know it is your honeymoon, and you want to keep only the exotic pieces but carry one or two regulars too. It will be a good pick for the days you feel lazy. 


Carry extras

If you are traveling for 3 days, keep 5 pieces. Don’t overlook the contingencies, and be well prepared. It will save you the trouble of washing used pieces, when on a holiday.


Rules to shop for lingerie for the honeymoon

The honeymoon is all about the intimate moments between the bridge and the groom. So, heat up your blissful night, and allow your man to cherish every inch of you, with our exotic lingerie ideas.


A little skin show is fine

You can team up your corsets or push up bras with a garter or transparent stocking. It is sexy and teasing. Moreover, a good push up bra gives your bust the right volume and lift.


Skip the whites

Honeymoon is the most colorful phase of your marriage. So, you need to be playful and colorful even in your lingerie picks. Thus, completely omit the white from the lingerie bag of your honeymoon. You can rather opt for colors like violet, brown, golden, red, or pink. Most women love red and black colors, and they never fail too.   


What to pick?

  1. Corsets or Spandex: Honestly, corsets get uncomfortable for the busty women. They should, however, opt for Lycra, Shapewear, or Spandex.
  2. Nightgown or no nightgown: Carrying your everyday nightgown isn’t the sexiest choice for a honeymoon. So, it is best to keep it aside. However, if you are uncomfortable with a lot of skin show, you can wear the gown over a pair of sexy lingerie.
  3. Baby Dolls: Babydolls & Chemises are the most mischievous lingerie picks. They are pleasing and appealing. Since they are extremely short, they look steamy. Usually, a baby doll comes with a padded bralette. You can find them in a good range of colors, so pick something bold, stylish, and colorful.   
  4. Lacy prints: Everything lacy is exciting for the men. Moreover, the transparent or sheer lingerie with lacy print is a big hit amongst women irrespective of their size.
  5. Bikinis: If you are heading to a honeymoon destination that has abundant beaches, how can you not carry your bikinis? However, with the bikini, do shop for a nice coverup so you can wear it over the bikini, while you are on the beach.
  6. Robes: You’ll need robes, nightshirts or caftans, to slip into post-shower or even during the mornings. So, don’t miss out on it.


Thus, when you shop for sexy lingerie for your honeymoon, you shouldn’t shy away from picking styles that are bold and revealing. The idea is to spice up the things between you and your partner. Always try out your purchases in advance before carrying them to your honeymoon. It is essential as it will save you from all last-minute goof ups. As far as shopping for lingerie is concerned, even if you are 100% certain about the size, fabric, material, and fit, it is better to go to a store, try the lingerie, and then shop for it. Check new collection like leather Lingerie, transparent lingerie or open bust lingerie It will save you any unnecessary hassle. Irrespective of what you pick, adorn it with the right degree of confidence and uplift it with a smile, and it will all work in your favor.