Guide for buying lingerie for Valentine’s Day

by Tease Lingerie on February 20, 2020

Guide for buying lingerie for Valentine’s Day

In the present day and time, Valentine’s Day gifts have come a long way. Earlier buying a box of chocolate and a dozen roses could suffice. However, these days the gifting game is getting more thoughtful and personalized. Also, there’s one gift that never goes out of style. Yes, you guessed it right - it is lingerie. It is one present that just can’t be underestimated. So, be it a lacy teddy or a silk robe, or the ever so classic bra and briefs, lingerie is a gift for both of you. Thus, buying lingerie should be done correctly. Unfortunately, shopping for lingerie isn’t as easy as looking through the pieces and adding to the cart. However, it isn’t as difficult as you think of it. To help you with it, we have come up with a full proof guide to avoid sizing mistakes and picking ostentatious designs. So, gentlemen, take note! 


What’s the first thing to consider?

The first and most crucial thing that you need to consider is the style of lingerie. Honestly, not all women like sexy lingerie. Take a moment and try and re-collect everything that you know about her favorite lingerie pieces. However, don’t pick anything that’s way too functional. Next, you need to consider the shape that she prefers. It has to be something that accentuates her assets and brings out her personality.


How to figure out what style she likes?

Most women tend to dress similarly both on the inside and the outside. So, if your woman likes minimalist and clean clothing, she will most likely want her lingerie to match up to it. Also, find out about the latest fashion and styles. Then draw a parallel between the two, and make your pick.

Here is a list of styles available from which you need to make the right pick for your partner. 




  1. Unlined Bras: Such bras do not have any padding. They, however, have an underwire to work against gravity. If you feel your girlfriend is blessed with ample bosom, it should be your pick.
  2. Push Up: If you love the deep and sexy cleavage, push up should be your pick. It is also a great pick for women with smaller chests. Experts say that a push up usually adds 2 cup sizes.
  3. Demi: It is one bra type that is ideal for every woman, irrespective of the shape and size. The demi bra comes with a minimum lining. However, it is low-cut, so it will give you a good cleavage on the show.
  4. Bralette: Bralette is a great pick for women who do not want to get into the mess of padding and wires. Bralettes are not only sexy but are also a perfect alternative to going braless. They are very comfortable too.




  1. Thongs: Thongs are a seductive panty type which is ideal to wear under tight clothing pieces. Since they barely cover anything, they are a good bedroom accessory.
  2. Bikini: A bikini is flattering and offers the right coverage to your bums.
  3. Briefs: Briefs are a universal go-to favorite. It offers good ass coverage and is extremely comfortable.
  4. Cheeky: Cheeky is a panty that is a mix of brief and thong. However, it offers just enough coverage to the ass. It looks hot and is a safe pick too.


Tip: Whatever you pick, make sure it is something bright and colorful.  


The pre-requisites 

You have to know the size. For that, take a look at some of her current bras, and note down the size. Also, check out the brand she prefers. There’s often a little difference in the sizes of the different brands. So, when you go to the store, tell the salesperson the size and the brand that you need to avoid any confusion. Always be precise about the number to assure a perfect fit. For this, you need to understand the true dynamics of the bra sizes. The size is composed of two parts – First is the band size and the second is the cup size. The band size is the measurement of her rib cage. So, it is the band that wraps around her rib cage and goes back in a clasp at the back. On the other hand, the cup size is the part of the bra which holds the boobs. So, the cup size is nothing but the width of her breast. It is a measurement of how big the bust is over the rib cage. For instance, if the bra size is 32C, 32 is the measurement of the band enclosing her rib cage, and C is the cup size that will hold the boob. To pick the right size, you need to know both of these aspects.


Be aware of the potential problems

The worst thing that you can experience when shopping for lingerie is picking something that doesn’t go well with the personality of the person you are buying it for. The best way to avoid such a situation is by picking something that you will like on her. But amidst this, do not overlook the fact that she’d be the one wearing it. So, you must pick something that not only makes her feel empowered but is also in sync with her style. Also, drop anything that looks uncomfortable. 


Present it well

If you have bought lingerie from a premium brand, it will be packed in a beautiful box. So, in it, there’s nothing more that needs to be done. In any other case, you will have to pick a sturdy tissue paper and a gorgeous wrapping paper to pack it up. Beautify it with a nice ribbon.


Heading to the store, what are the things you should know?

Firstly, listen to the things she likes. You can even check her following tab on Instagram to see through the brands she follows. Being aware of her likes and dislikes is a great way to show her that you care. So, do your homework well before heading to the shop. Of course, it is safe to go with the tried and tested brands when shopping for your partner, but several smaller brands regularly come up with incredible styles now and then. So, don’t overlook these brands either. Do thorough research online and then select a style that will cater to her taste and personality.  Maybe see-through lingerie or Open cup lingerie She’ll see through the effort that you put in, so it is all going to be worth it.