Tips For Buying lingerie online

by Tease Lingerie on November 21, 2019


With the boom in e-commerce industry, everything from a pin to plane can be bought online. The shift is towards mobile platform where you can buy anything on the move. It’s a big comfort for women especially because now they have enough options to buy lingerie online. Online medium has numerous advantages, one of the major being the availability of variety. You can choose from so many options which practically cannot be present in any physical store. You can find the best suited pieces for yourself to look and feel the way you want to. The availability of wide array of options can also be confusing sometimes. To pick the best out of the lot, go through the following tips:

1. Check Size: 

This is probably the most important part of buying lingerie online. Because of the constraint that it cannot be tried before buying, you must check for the size. Different companies might have different size charts, so confirm it before you buy.

Though the websites offer exchange and return policies, but why to get into it and delay the processes even further? The good side is that most of the times, lingerie can be used even when it is one size plus or small.

2. Filter out bras of your type:

While selecting the bras, the first thing you should filter is the kind of bra you want. For heavy breasts, lift-up bras is a good option. But they also give a nice curve, which you might or might not want. Fancy and designer bras with nets and bright colours

are used for dating purposes. They are designed in a way that can enhance the look of the bust. Everyday wear and summer stuff includes pure cotton bras which are also widely bought. So, first of all you need to decide upon the usage and then filter

the “type” accordingly.

3. The material: 

While buying lingerie in a physical store, the first thing people check by touching it is the material used. Even if the lingerie is very appealing look wise, the cloth should be comfortable to wear. Make sure you read the product specification very carefully to buy the kind of cloth you want. People with sensitive skin should opt for cotton instead of silk or any other material.

4. Shapewear:

Body hugging stuff is also widely used these days to wear with sexy party dresses. To flaunt your curves and figures, opt for shapewears. Tummy tuckers and body shapers comes under this category. But they might not be comfortable for carrying the full day.

5. Choose the website wisely:

… Don’t go with the low prices that might be offered to lure the customers, but go by the quality. A good website will always offer facilities like return or exchange,  order tracking etc. It’s important to choose a genuine website Like Tease Sexy Lingerie because they follow fashion trends like transparent lingerie Open cup lingerie and are also widely sold online. So don’t be lured by extra low prices of big brands.